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ACEP Bylaws stipulate the requirements for membership.

ACEP Membership is available to physician emergency specialists who meet one of the following membership type requirements:

Active Requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of an emergency medicine residency program accredited by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).
  • Satisfactory completion of an emergency medicine subspecialty-training program accredited by ACGME.
  • Satisfactory completion of an emergency medicine residency training program accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).
  • Satisfactory completion of an emergency medicine residency program approved by an ACEP-recognized accrediting body in a foreign country.
  • Certification by an emergency medicine certifying body recognized by ACEP.
  • Or eligible for active or international membership in the College at any time prior to the close of business December 31, 1999.
International Requirements

Available to emergency physician who is not a resident of the United States or a possession thereof, and who is licensed to practice medicine by the government where they reside and practice.

Candidate Requirements
  • Medical Student Requirements
    Available to medical students that are currently enrolled in medical school.
  • Intern Requirements
    Available to interns currently enrolled in an accredited residency program.
  • Residency Requirements
    Available to residents currently enrolled in an accredited emergency medicine residency program or an accredited residency program with a subspecialty in emergency medicine.
  • Fellowship Requirements
    Available to fellows currently enrolled in an accredited fellowship program.

For more information on eligibility requirements, please call ACEP Member Care Center at 1-800-798-1822 ext., 5 or click here.

Includes all electronic EMRA resources and discounts PLUS a member kit of printed publications such as the ABx Guide, PressorDex, Essentials of Emergency Medicine, and more. (Member kit contents are subject to revision). Unchecking this box will allow the member to access only electronic EMRA resources.

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